Day: August 20, 2020


“Thankyou so much for all your help with our dance. it was very nerve wracking, but we got through it. Sonia was very patient and encouarging with us. As non dancers, we both really enjoyed the lessons and were inspired lots to practice at home. It was worth the effort and our guests were really impressed with the routine.”

Rob and Laura Chamberlain

“We had a really good time learning to dance with Sonia, the Dance Academy has a relaxed atmosphere and it is clear Sonia knows her craft well ! She has a great eye for what is not quite right and how to patiently iron out the mistakes. We did our dance on the night with confidence- thanks to Sonia !”

Les and Mary Walker

“Sonia was an absolutely fantastic teacher from day one with us. We were both quite nervous at the thought of dancing a ‘routine’ in front of all our family and friends on our wedding day, however Sonia provided a wonderful routine that was structured but without appearing choreographed (which is exactly what we’d asked for). Sonia has fantastic passion, drive and patience, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone for wedding dance tuition.”

Emma and Mark Hewitt

“Having our wedding dance choreographed by Sonia was the best investment we made as it turned out to be one of the highlights of our special day. Sonia and her staff were professional, reassuring and great to work with. Sonia created a beautiful wedding dance to a modern song -it was exactly what we were looking for and she even provided the odd bit of pre-marriage counselling! Nick Says: “My first reaction to a dance routine was one of dread – the thought was actually worse than doing the speech. After a few lessons with Sonia (and a few tantrums on the way!), I started to really enjoy it and when the day came it went down a storm with the guests. People still talk about it now more than my speech and I would recommend doing it to everyone.” Alison says: “I’m not one for being in the limelight, even though it was my wedding day. I knew from the start I would have to do a dance, so I decided that if people were going to be watching I would give them something to watch! I contacted Sonia, gave her our chosen Song and within a week we were beginning to learn a great routine that was perfect for our first dance. Sonia’s experience and coaching filled us with confidence and we brought the house down!”

Alison and Nick

Wedding DanceWedding Dance

Surprise your guests Wedding dance choreography Calling all wedding couples, how would you like to dance your first dance to the music of your own choice have that special tune you both love, you know your song . Well let me choreograph your dance for you, not just a waltz or anything to fit in with the normal.

Your first dance is special. Your dance can be low key or as extravagant as you wish, if you desire you can also include your best man and bridemaids etc. All musical tastes catered for. Many years experience of teaching wedding couples, come and see sonia a trained choreographer in all music rhythmical styles.

Note for future bride grooms, fellows don’t panic its great fun, we havent had a failure yet! .

Anniversary, Engagement and Special Occassion Dances, Themed Events

Have you got a special anniversary, engagement or another special occasion in your life, suprise your family and friends, with a dance routine that will be remembered for a lifetime, easy step by step instruction, friendly atmosphere.

We cater for singles, couples, groups, your chosen music can be anything from comedy, Hip Hop, romantic, dirty dancing, ballroom, latin, salsa, rock n roll, lindy hop, jive, themed events a speciality, etc. Anything you wish for your party suprise, we have done it all romantic, low key, spectacular even bizzare, give Sonia a call.

Things you need to knowThings you need to know

Payment of Tuition Fees

All dance and drama fees MUST be paid prior to the class being given. For some classes, fees are required monthly in advance. At the point of joining the Academy you will be advised of the fees for each class session and the regularity of when payment is due.

Enrollment Fee

When you join the academy for the first time, there is a fee to enrol for £5.  This is a life membership and is only paid once.

Other payment

All dance and drama fees MUST be paid prior to the class being given. For some classes, fees are required monthly in advance. At the point of joining the Academy you will be advised of the fees for each class session and the regularity of when payment is due.


100% pass rate in all dance and drama classes. Examinations are held three times a year. Participation is optional. If parents have not paid for costumes and exam/medal fees the Academy reserves the right to refuse the inclusion of any student participating in the relevant event.

Academy Attendance

Once a student has been accepted into a class their place is secured. It is therefore an expectation that the Academy will require a commitment from the student/parent that regular attendance will be maintained to ensure progression and participation in theatre productions/competitions. Should a student be identified as failing to attend the Academy without a valid reason for more than three weeks then the Academy reserves the right to offer the students place to another student waiting to join the Academy. In return the Academy will actively work with parents in confidence to ensure that the where a valid reason supports the non attendance, appropriate training plans can be agreed to bring the student back to the training level for the stage that they would have been at the point of return.

Academy Dress Code

The Academy encourages a relaxed dress code for most of its classes however there are some which require appropriate attire to reflect the standards required under examination. Upon enquiring/joining the Academy you will be advised of the appropriate dress code for the chosen class. Students will be expected to join their fellow students in the theatre productions each year and this will require additional costumes, however the Academy will try to seek best value and price on behalf of its students/parents.

Dance Wear

We stock all your dance/footwear needs at the academy at competitive prices. This includes current stage and show costumes.

Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers are available for any special event e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, christmas gifts, wedding dances etc. Please call us to discuss the different range of vouchers available. Why not pamper your loved ones as a special thank you or well done.