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This season he is coming off an injury that kept him off the stage for a year. “June 10 will be a year post-op,” he said. “I had a vertical tear in an achilles tendon very fine dance shoes 2707 uk sale. I had a lot of time to deal with workers’ comp, getting approval, whatnot — but by the time I had the surgery, the tendon had repaired itself. But the surgery removed a bone spur from my heel. “I’m not 100 percent yet,” he said, “but I’m back on stage, so can’t complain.”..

While not dancing, Hurlburt continued to work for Smuin Ballet. “In a small organization, specifically with injuries, you still want to be a part of it. “In other companies, people get injured, they don’t come in very fine dance shoes 2707 uk sale. In Smuin, everyone wants to show up, to help where they can.”. So, while not dancing, Hurlburt, whose college degrees are in dance and in business, helped out in the office with administrative work, and also helped as a rehearsal assistant for Ballet Master Amy London..

“She’s fantastic,” Hurlburt said, “and doesn’t need an assistant, but it’s great that they allow me to help out when I can. “Especially with the other guys very fine dance shoes 2707 uk sale. I can show them the counts, how it’s done, that stuff.”. That’s pretty important to a company such as Smuin, which continues to perform works choreographed by its founder, who died in 2007. “Michael’s been gone a handful of years now,” Hurlburt said, “so you always battle to keep it the way he wanted it, which is near impossible, becaue everybody has a differnt idea of what it meant to them. So you let it evolve, but slowly, because you have an audience following … it’s a huge challenge.”..

Hurlburt, who just turned 36 on March 31, is married to Kaleena Opdyke, thanks to another one of those paths that circles back to Michael Smuin very fine dance shoes 2707 uk sale. Opdyke, from the Monterey Peninsula, took part in one of Smuin’s summer programs in Carmel. She asked about further ballet instruction and came up to the Ballet Academy of San Francisco, “where we all were teaching,” Hurlburt said. They’ve been together now for 10 years, and will celebrate their second wedding anniversary on July 10. Opdyke dances for Ballet San Jose..

The contest, sponsored by the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club, drew 523 entries from journalists in all 11 Bay Area counties for work done last year very fine dance shoes 2707 uk sale. Copy desk chief Kevin Kelly won first place in the entertainment category for his review of “Ovo,” a Cirque du Soleil show about a group of insects whose lives are changed after finding a mysterious orb. Cartoonist Steve Curl won a first-place award for an editorial cartoon on the hoopla surrounding President Barack Obama’s visit to Facebook in Palo Alto, which was followed by a dinner attended by a who’s-who roster of Silicon Valley high-tech titans. Curl also won a third-place award for an editorial cartoon on the area’s Canada geese poop problem..

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