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“He is amazing. He doesn’t look like a young dancer on stage,” Jonas says about the mature, lyrical qualities of Labrador’s movements, his jumps and clean lines. “He’s just one of those people you look at and think they must have done this in another life.”. Despite the accolades, Labrador remains humble. The idea of applying to the Bolshoi came from a conversation with a friend who had recently been admitted to the school and wished Labrador could also attend, he explains silver dance shoes low heel uk sale. He auditioned on a whim, with the help of friends who helped him put together an amateur video to submit to the Moscow-based institution..

When he unexpectedly received a letter of acceptance, he was overjoyed. Then reality hit home. The tuition alone is nearly $14,000, no small challenge for Labrador and his mother, Gina Vitale, a single parent silver dance shoes low heel uk sale. Still, “somewhere within 24 hours (of receiving the letter),” Labrador says, “we decided I was going to go.”. Undaunted, the pair have reached out to friends, family and the community to help with the tuition, expenses for translators, a plane ticket, food, clothing “and all the usual things you need to go out of the country if you’re a ballet dancer,” Labrador says..

Donations have come in through the website A friend offered a $20,000 loan. The family is still trying to raise funds to cover additional costs for health insurance and other expenses — the grand total is now $30,000 — and to pay back the friend. When he starts school next week, he’ll dive headfirst into a curriculum of ballet, modern, contemporary and Russian folk dance silver dance shoes low heel uk sale. He’ll learn a new language and surround himself with Russian arts and culture..

And assuming all goes as planned, when Labrador graduates next year from the choreographic arts program as a certified Bolshoi-trained dancer, he’ll be one of the first young American men to complete the internationally renowned program which has, until recently, been closed to foreigners silver dance shoes low heel uk sale. It was only last year that two young dancers — Emma Powers and Jeraldine Mendoza, of City Ballet School of San Francisco — became the first American women accepted to the Bolshoi’s Russian program..

“They’re very strict and they like to be very physical,” Labrador says of his initial taste of the school, which he experienced earlier this summer at a training workshop in New York silver dance shoes low heel uk sale. But the intensity appeals to Labrador who is the picture of determination and concentration. While his exposure to the school has been fairly recent, thanks in part to YouTube, he’s deeply knowledgeable about Russian ballet history and its stars, whom he watches constantly in online videos. Still, he’s keenly aware of what he’s accomplished..

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