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Delwaide’s saucy ” …” opened the program’s second half, with a dancer snatching a silver champagne glass from Brandon Freeman’s hand. Obviously tipsy after an evening of imbibing under a glittering chandelier, the six characters in this witty farce bumbled, flirted and tried to make sense of their lowered inhibitions to the sound of a carnival-like soundtrack of compositions written for the glass harmonica, or crystallophone, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and others. As loose and woozy as a head full of bubbly, Delwaide’s piece was an intoxicating experience red shoe dance central uk sale.

“VISTA,” the night’s final offering, unfolded with a dramatic spotlight focused on Bukowski, who was then joined by the rest of the company, clad in jolts of silver, violet, crimson and ultramarine fabric. Lustig’s ensemble piece, a celebration of unconventional jazz performed by John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards, was at times sensuous, and acrobatic, as when petite Stephanie Salts was catapulted into the arms of waiting dancers red shoe dance central uk sale. Dynamic, sexy and classy, “VISTA” ended the program with a cacophony of horns and churning electric guitar, a row of smiling dancers challenged by demanding choreography, and an audience on its feet..

The choreographer, who last year assumed creative leadership of the more than 40-year-old company, kept the introduction brief red shoe dance central uk sale. He was there to thank Amy Seiwert, choreographer in residence at Smuin Ballet, and Sonya Delwaide, associate professor and chair of Mills College’s dance department, for their contributions to the evening’s program. Right before he left the stage, Lustig asked the audience to tell their friends about “Forwards!” It was a humble, heartfelt request to get the word out that the once nearly extinct company is very much alive..

But those who missed Thursday evening’s performance still have a few chances to catch Oakland Ballet’s excellent spring lineup, which runs until May 21. Brimming with poetic, at turns humorous and sometimes tension-filled, work, the program offers viewers engaging, frequently exhilarating dance that is as sophisticated as it is accessible. The evening kicked off with the Oakland premiere of Seiwert’s “Response to Change,” set to the classically flavored composition “The Life of Birds” by Bay Area composer Mason Bates red shoe dance central uk sale. It is the fifth and final movement of her 2009 work “Response to Change,” which the choreographer completed this year..

Featuring eight dancers clad in tunics, tops and shorts, the gracefully energetic piece combined athletic movement and tender moments in duets, such as that performed by elegant Sarah Cecilia Bukowski and partner Joseph Copley, and other groupings. Despite the physical demands Seiwert placed on dancers, and the challenge she gave the audience of keeping up with her intricate, fast-paced choreography, there was a buoyancy to the piece that was immensely appealing. The world premiere of artistic director Lustig’s duet “Words Within Words” followed, stunning viewers with its blend of achingly romantic, sometimes agitated movement and recited verse red shoe dance central uk sale.

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