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She’s joined with members of the South Bay Blue Star Moms and the Family Alliance for Veterans of America to host a screening of the HBO documentary “Wartorn: 1861-2010” Friday in the San Jose City Council Chamber. The film, which begins at 6:30 p.m., will be followed by a panel discussion about PTSD featuring Allison Thompson from Stanford’s Vets Connect program and Matthew O’Neil, the documentary’s producer. “It is important we help bring awareness about PTSD to our community,” said Herrera, who served in the Air Force. “Our military is facing deep psychological stress after eight years in combat, and this stress is happening all across America, including right here in our own community.” pointe shoe size chart sansha uk sale.

While the aging pool facilities have saddled the city with a formidable renovation decision, time has built the club’s young, talented athletes into champions. In April, the Aquanuts won top spots in the team, duet, combo and solo events at the 2011 U.S. Junior Synchronized Swimming Championships pointe shoe size chart sansha uk sale. And three members of the club — Rina Horii of Walnut Creek, Carolyn Morrice of Clayton and Lafayette’s Sarah House — were named to USA Synchro’s Junior National Team. They will train this summer as part of a select group of 12 elite swimmers, chosen to represent the country’s best at the U.S. Open in July..

Coach Tamara Crow deClercq was part of the 2004 team that won a bronze medal at the Olympics in Athens, and has been either swimming or coaching with the Aquanuts for 23 years. “It takes a family of support, determination, dedication, sacrifice, goals, failure, nerve, success, tears, triumph, devastation, diligence, fight, and hard work “… ” she said, describing what is involved in being an Aquanut. Horii, 15, who practices four hours a day during the week–and six hours on Saturdays–compares synchronized swimming to sprinting uphill while holding your breath pointe shoe size chart sansha uk sale.

“But it has to look easy,” she emphasizes, “because you don’t really want to watch a drowning swimmer. You want it to look like a dancer in the water.”. Synchronized swimming often reminds audiences of ballet, or gymnastics. Graceful, svelte young swimmers flock with the fluidity and mutual timing of birds, masking the physicality behind the sport. Kim Probst, the head coach, is committed to her team’s cross training pointe shoe size chart sansha uk sale. “We trained with the Circus School of San Francisco,” she explains..

The girls stood on each other’s shoulders, then jumped into a pit to build explosiveness when coming up out of water. Horii, Probst goes on to say, is a consistent, musical swimmer. “She’s clean, with chiseled positions pointe shoe size chart sansha uk sale. If you look in the little synchro rule book, she matches those little black-and-white images exactly.”. The mental aspect of synchro is huge, and Crow deClerq has high praise for Horii in that regard. “She’s never one to brag or even mention an accomplishment,” her coach says, revealing the nickname Horii’s classmates at Foothill Middle School have given her: Superwoman..

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He and I didn’t always see eye to eye politically; but his opinion was one borne of knowledge and the courage of his convictions, not what someone else told him ballet shoes movie download uk sale. He instilled in all of us the value of education and learning, and was quick to point out they weren’t necessarily synonymous. Thank you, Joe, for reminding us not to be afraid to expose ourselves to knowledge and, just as importantly, to wonder. We had more than 40 entrants. Most of the projects were submitted by individual scientists, but there were about five projects that were worked on by groups of scientists..

The students worked very hard for two months, submitting progress on a weekly basis. Boy Scout Troop 89 served ice cream, and Tomatina donated pizzas to the classrooms that had the most science fair entrants. We’re committed to this being an annual event. First thing you should know is that it is a worldwide sport, so you can play it almost anywhere ballet shoes movie download uk sale. Many people play it and like it all over the world. Second, it is extremely fun. Experts all around the world say they love it and you should all play it. It helps you make friends and you can even invite friends to make it more fun. Soccer makes you happy. For example, when I make a good play or a goal, I get really happy..

Third, if you play hard, you will get faster and stronger. Soccer also makes you healthier, and it teaches you life skills like sportsmanship and teamwork ballet shoes movie download uk sale. Finally, if you keep at it and try your best, you can even join a pro team. On a pro team, if you play hard, you can even make money. Those are all the reasons why you should play the exciting and fun game of soccer. You can register at the Alameda Soccer Club at www.alamedasoccer.org. Police and fire did nothing to help this man. One bystander swam in after the man and dragged his lifeless body onto the beach; only then did paramedics intervene and take the man away. Police and fire crews had watched the man through binoculars standing in the shoulder-deep water for at least 20 minutes..

As a bystander, I did not see exactly when the man went under, but believed that since the authorities were watching him, they would take action when he did. It was not until the body was close enough to be visible from the beach, floating upside down, that one woman asked the police if their plan was just to watch the man die and get him when the tide came in. She walked away furious, as a young woman dove into the water to bring the man in. The police and fire crew just watched ballet shoes movie download uk sale. Is this what is expected of our emergency personnel?..

Alameda Civic Ballet brought together a variety of international dance groups from around the Bay Area. The event showcased performances representing nationalities from India to Hawaii and all points in between. It included belly dancers representing the Middle East, Barbary Coast cloggers, Polynesian dancers and of course, our own Alameda Civic Ballet ballet shoes movie download uk sale. It was a wonderful evening filled with gorgeous costumes, exotic music and sensational dancing, and everyone who was fortunate enough to find out about it and attend was absolutely thrilled to be there..

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I am neither a dancer nor a dance aficionado. I don’t have close friends or family who are involved in the dance community in Alameda. I was just really happy to find myself in the right place at the right time to overhear people talking about this upcoming event dance shoes for large feet uk sale. What delightful entertainment we have going on right here in Alameda. We would like to express special thanks to: Amy Miller-Jenkins, Anne Kohler Photography, Aroma Restaurant, Blue Dot Cafe and Coffee Bar, Bryan Kring, Danielle Giudici-Wallis, d’Arci Bruno, Donna and Emma Eyestone, Hisami Ohshiba, Ingrid Ballman, Julia Marchand, Julie’s Coffee and Tea, Kai Japanese Restaurant, Khanh Huong Chinese BBQ and Pho, Lilac Boutique, Maikaze Daiko, Masa Kashimura, Melissa Guerrero Designs, Misachibana Kai, Momoca, Mona’s Table, Nicole Cavanaugh, Rhythmix Cultural Works, Tommy Guerrero, Yo Jimbo, Yoshiro Tasaka and Yuki Toyozumi..

“We decided to get married, and he had a job, and I did not.” dance shoes for large feet uk sale. Which is by way of explaining how Palo Alto’s High Release Dance Company gained its newest dancer. Stanelun, who married Eric Anderson in October 2009 and said they are “still kind of in newly wedded bless,” left behind decades of experience of dance in Boston and in Rhode Island, so looked around and found High Release. “It’s been really wonderful,” said Stanelun of her experience with High Release. “I hadn’t done regular performances in Boston for a while, just a piece here and there. When I came to High Release I didn’t know if I could do it — didn’t know if my body could do it. But it’s been wonderful.”..

Stanelun started with ballet lessons as a child — spicing her experience by performing show tunes in the family living room — and performed through high school with the State Ballet of Rhode Island, then got into modern dance at Smith College in Massachusetts, where she received a bachelor’s degree in dance. “I love the collaborative nature of High Release,” Stanulun said. “It’s astonishing that the company could last as long as it has dance shoes for large feet uk sale. It persists even through personnel changes..

“In Boston, the choreographers had complete control, did it all. But in High Release, everything is collaborative. This is a fantastic template for a dance company. It’s kind of an ideas incubator for people like me, people with a passion for dance dance shoes for large feet uk sale. A safe place where people can explore.”. There are 14 dancers in High Release, which was founded in 1994. “Everyone has the opportunity to contribute choreography,” Stanelun said. “As you join the group, you sort of join the queue. There are three sessions a year — spring, fall and summer — and each session is an opportunity for two choreographers. It’s an opportunity for six pieces to be created each year.”..

Stanelun has passed on the opportunity to choreograph, so far, but says she is thinking about it. “We’ll see.”. High Release performs at a number of events, usually with other artistic groups, but every two years stages its own major dance concert. This is the weekend: “Nexus,” the program for this two-year period, takes place on Friday and Saturday at Cubberly Theatre in Palo Alto dance shoes for large feet uk sale. Stanelun will be in five of the 12 planned numbers: “Gathering the Pieces,” choreographed by Susan Leftwich; “Chaotic Mind,” by Jennifer Eaton; “Give,” and “Live a Little,” both by Virginia Bock, and “Flock,” by Kimberly Baxter..

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The cooking club came about after Maloney saw the enthusiasm of students when they made meals at homeless shelters bloch mens dance shoes uk sale. “I saw the delight they had in making the simplest thing for people,” Maloney says. “I thought it would be a great thing for students to learn how to fend for themselves in the kitchen and get some skills.”. Lum admits “absolute shock” that there would be interest in a cooking club, but says, “they really like doing it. I’m always amazed.”..

There are actually close to 40 students in the club, but only 10 are allowed in the kitchen for each session, so they take turns. Invariably a few extra show up each week in case a spot opens up. Lum, who teaches English, film composition, screenwriting, creative writing and digital video production classes, focuses the sessions on recipes and concepts he believes will be useful to the students. Among his more popular topics are how to survive in college on a budget, how to make a week’s worth of meals from one chicken, how to eat for $30 a week and–most popular, Lum says–how to make a meal for a dinner date bloch mens dance shoes uk sale.

Occasionally Bellarmine’s chef Jeremy Soulia will do a demonstration, and an alumnus who went into the culinary arts came back to teach one lesson. Twice this past year the club cooked for a faculty event. “It’s chaotic, but fantastic,” Lum says. Recipes come from all over, but most have been tweaked and refined by Lum. “Jeremy is so passionate about food and he knows so much,” Maloney says bloch mens dance shoes uk sale. “The students ride along on the passion of it and it makes it fun.”..

Please, dog owners, know that all dogs are territorial and no matter how gentle you think your animal is, should you take the chance that one day it might attack a leashed dog or child passing your yard? Is your dog’s freedom to roam his yard worth the terrible loss of another dog or child’s life and limb?. Leash your dog — it’s the law bloch mens dance shoes uk sale. With alarm, I’ve observed this country and society become increasingly ignorant for the past several years. People stopped reading and staying abreast of current events, seemingly content to let others tell them what to think and how to behave..

Informed, independent and critical thinking has all but disappeared from our social discourse bloch mens dance shoes uk sale. I have told my son ad infinitum to “be a leader, not a follower” and have proudly observed him think and speak for himself, unafraid to voice a contrary or unpopular opinion. Joe King brings up a terrific point about the wisdom and perspective gained from experience (to complement formal education). My father did not get very far in the educational system before joining the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression, and then the U.S. Army. However, for the rest of his life, he read voraciously, traveled the world, sought out various sources of information and considered other points of view..

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Directors rejected a consultant’s financial analysis, a report they must adopt before they can put the matter to voters. For $95 per week plus a one-time registration fee of $20 per child, youngsters will enjoy parties, do some cooking, watch movies, play games, take part in educational activities and receive swimming lessons. Campers also will receive free breakfasts, lunches and snacks. They may stay longer than eight hours a day for an additional fee where to buy pointe shoes near me uk sale. Scholarships are available. To register and for more information, call 925-778-0808, ext. 10..

Monday through Thursday, young people have a chance to improve their community through projects that include removing graffiti, landscaping and picking up litter followed by team building and recreational activities. On Fridays they take a field trip or do some other activity. The first session is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 13-24; the second runs July 5-15 where to buy pointe shoes near me uk sale. Cost for the first session is $50 for Oakley residents, $60 for nonresidents. The second is $45 and $55, respectively. Summer Blaze camp, which is for ages 6 to 11, runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays on a drop-in basis starting June 13. The camp costs $9 per day, or $40 for a week, and is held at local parks. Activities consist of games and arts and crafts..

Lum’s hands move quickly as he talks about the potato pasta and offers tips on making it: “Rice or grate the potato while warm; otherwise it’s too starchy where to buy pointe shoes near me uk sale. Don’t put it in the fridge; cold congeals starch. Flour will bind the potatoes to the egg; without it, it will fall apart.”. In reality it’s a carefully choreographed ballet, much like any professional kitchen. However, in this case, the cast members are high school students under the direction of Lum and Anne Maloney, co- moderators of the Cooking Club. Most Fridays when classes end for the week, members head for the kitchen..

Brad Sanborn, 18 and a graduating senior, has been part of the club since it started three years ago and is now president where to buy pointe shoes near me uk sale. “I thought it would be a good thing to have before going off to college,” Sanborn says. He likes to take the club recipes home to try out on his mother and brother. Favorites are beef Wellington and tuna meatballs. Kyle Gustlin, 17 and a junior, says he enjoys cooking for his parents and his brother. “Shrimp Alfredo is my favorite, I’ve made it about 10 or 12 times,” Kyle says..

He also likes to make artisan breads; for Thanksgiving, he made a green bean casserole and stuffing for the family gathering. Sean Monroe, 18 and a graduating senior, has perhaps the most unusual reason for joining the club of any of the students. “I’m planning to enter the Gilroy Garlic Festival Cook-off,” he says with a smile. “I want to make a garlic bulb out of garlic pastry and fill it. “I’m still working on it. Mr. Lum has been helping me with a recipe.” where to buy pointe shoes near me uk sale.

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As a lark, and to get material for a new book, the Condomines invite Dr. George Bradman (played by Steve Schwartz) and Mrs. Bradman (played by Leslie Newport) to a séance to be run by Madame Arcati. Nothing much seems to have happened, but suddenly there she is, the “Blithe Spirit,” Elvira, brought back from the beyond as a ghost dance connection comfort shoes uk sale. She is beautiful and still in love with Condomine, and proceeds to wreak havoc. Durst is completely charming and fun as the hale and hearty Arcati. The audience seemed to especially like the dramatic way she would rush about the stage like a ballet dancer, but her true brilliance was in her face. She brings this character to life with delighted looks to the side, raised eyebrows, pursed lips and big smiles..

Sally even looked a little like Coward, especially in his handsome tuxedo when he was dressed for dinner and guests. He brings all the right stuff of Condomine to the stage — including delight in both his wives (living and dead) and frustration with both. Shipley and Martin are both very good in their roles, delivering both acid and affection as needed, and both are beautiful and attractive. Schwartz and Newport are used like furniture; they take up space here, they deliver a line there. Also on hand, as the maid, Edith, was Breigh Zack, who did not seem entirely comfortable on stage dance connection comfort shoes uk sale.

Thompson’s direction is mostly very good — the play is largely well blocked, the pacing is maintained, and the four principal parts very well played. Two weaknesses have to do with prop blocking and the lack of vocal amplification. During a key scene toward the end, when Zack is deposited on a couch, head in a bandage, it was impossible for many of us to see her face because of chairs between her and the audience dance connection comfort shoes uk sale. And the lack of vocal amplification forced the actors into that sort of archaic stage bellowing that was probably all the rage when John Wilkes Booth interrupted “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre, and probably still in use in 1941, when “Blithe Spirit” premiered..

But these days there are great little microphones that make for more natural speech dance connection comfort shoes uk sale. It is difficult for an actor to deliver the sort of nuance around which Coward’s humor revolves when the actor must bellow to be heard in the last row at Lucie Stern. Still, I was glad to see this overall fine production of “Blithe Spirit,” which I hadn’t previously seen on stage. It was like a visit to a very well-run and sparkling clean museum. Email John Orr at [email protected]

The meeting will include a presentation by Mickie Marchetti, executive director of REACH, about youth crime prevention. Members of the city’s Crime Prevention Commission will also attend the meeting and be available to discuss Neighborhood Watch programs. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for students, and are available at the door. For reservations, call 925-757-8981 dance connection comfort shoes uk sale. The event is free, and food and beverages will be served. No alcohol will be permitted. Entry forms for basketball and dance competitions are available by calling 925-432-0989, or at [email protected]

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The fun includes music, airbrush tattoos, a rock climbing wall, giant slide, an activity that combines bungee jumping with trampolines, an obstacle course and pony rides. The public is invited to bring blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the fireworks display that will conclude the event. For more information, call 925-625-7041. — Rowena Coetsee. DANCE FUNDRAISER: Doreen’s School of the Dance will host its annual fundraiser dance show at 7 p.m. June 18 at Antioch High’s Beede Auditorium, 700 W ballet shoe size chart toddler uk sale. 18th St..

Mimi Costa-White directs the two-hour “Showbiz” dance event, which features students ages 3 through adult performing in a variety of dance styles, including tap, jazz and ballet. Money raised will go toward scholarships for Deer Valley and Antioch high schools. Tickets are $12 for adults, $8 for students, and are available at the door. For reservations, call 925-757-8981. — Judith Prieve. COFFEE WITH THE COPS: Antioch interim police Chief Allan Cantando will host an informal meeting on June 18 where residents can ask about the city’s public safety issues ballet shoe size chart toddler uk sale.

The Coffee With the Cops meeting will be from 9 to 11 a.m. at the police station, 300 L St. The meeting will include a presentation by REACH executive director Mickie Marchetti about youth crime prevention. Members of the city’s Crime Prevention Commission will also attend the meeting and be available to discuss Neighborhood Watch programs. — Paul Burgarino ballet shoe size chart toddler uk sale. Volunteers Sought: Sutter Delta Medical Center is looking for retirees to fill volunteer positions. Those with extra time on their hands or looking for a rewarding experience are encouraged to apply, program coordinator Wendy Kitt said. Tasks include delivering files, lab specimens and kitchen trays, helping patients with dietary needs, and working at the hospital gift shop..

Volunteers would need to be able to commit at least three to four hours a week, Kitt said. The hospital is located at 2901 Lone Tree Way. For more information, contact Kitt at 925-779-3575 or [email protected] — Paul Burgarino. Juneteenth celebration: The community group Souljahs will present a Juneteenth celebration with music and activities, including dancing, poetry reading and 3-on-3 basketball. The event will be from. 11 a.m ballet shoe size chart toddler uk sale. to 6 p.m. June 18 at City Park. The event is free, and food and beverages will be served. No alcohol will be permitted..

The board scheduled a special meeting for June 27 to go over the findings. “This is the same stuff that’s been talked about for years and years and years,” said Director Bob Brockman of Brentwood, voicing his frustration over the time it is taking his colleagues to settle on a course of action during the discussion that led to the vote. “We are back where we were when this board started.” ballet shoe size chart toddler uk sale. Directors returned to the drawing board last month when they ended an inquiry into the feasibility of creating a benefit assessment district..

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The ballet “The Adventures of Alice,” is a whimsical take on the well-known story with all original choreography by Baratova. The score is composed by Karen Khatchaturian. “I have taken most of the beloved characters from both the book and movie versions and brought them to life onstage,” the dancer said, “including a 28 foot caterpillar! There will be approximately 110 dancers. All of the children in the school who wish to participate will be dancing in both ballets, along with some members of our young community in the character roles. The leading roles will be shared by our oldest teen company members.” Baratova said a tremendous amount of work has gone into the making of this production. Her creative costume team — Kay Tetzner, Valery Walsh, Julie Smith and Esther Crandall — began the design and construction of over 150 brand new costumes in January ballet shoes full movie dailymotion uk sale. Rehearsals started up in February, with daily practice for the advanced dancers and weekly rehearsals for the “tots.” The production’s sound and lighting team, Alfred Tetzner and Pierce Soraco, have been fine tuning details for the past several weeks..

“This performance will take the audience from the sublime to the ridiculous,” Baratova said. “The sets and costumes are colorful and imaginative. The dancing is fabulous and the small children are adorable! You will laugh, you will cry, you will be transported and entertained and all because of the efforts of a wonderfully dedicated, hard working and talented group of individuals.”. Where: Skyline College Main Theater, 3300 College Drive, San Bruno. When: Saturday and Sunday, June 18-19, at 2 p.m ballet shoes full movie dailymotion uk sale.

The four principal actors are excellent; the direction, by Cornelia Burdick Thompson is very good with only a few peccadilloes; and the sets, by Patrick Klein, and costumes, by Mary Craven, are delightful. The problem is the play itself ballet shoes full movie dailymotion uk sale. “Blithe Spirit” was a tremendous hit when it opened, 70 years ago, in London. But it is not entirely universal, and it is certainly not timeless. While it does offer a number of very good laughs, the audience has changed, and indeed, comedy has changed, since 1941..

“Blithe Spirit” is full of droll, ironic witticisms, and requires that the audience really pay attention to get the most out of Noel Coward’s script. But most Americans don’t do droll. Try it, and they just stare at you. Maybe that’s why the show didn’t run on Broadway nearly as long as it ran in the West End. And over the last 70 years, Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Harvey Fierstein and others have all taken modern comedy to other places, where the humor grabs you by the lapels and forces you to pay attention ballet shoes full movie dailymotion uk sale.

At Lucie Stern Theatre over the weekend, many in the audience seemed to have difficulty staying with the play. Conversations and snores were both heard in the seats. Which is too bad, given the excellence of Michael Sally as Charles Condomine, Debi Durst as Madame Arcati, Freya Shipley as Ruth Condomine and Nicole Martin as the late Elvira Condomine — the blithe spirit of the title ballet shoes full movie dailymotion uk sale. Condomine is an apparently successful British writer who lives in high circumstances, with a nice house staffed by a live-in maid and a cook, and who has the company of a second beautiful wife, Ruth, played well by Shipley..

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Just as the venerable George Cleve is gearing up for the 37th annual season of his Midsummer Mozart Festival, touching down at venues in Berkeley, San Jose, Sonoma and San Francisco July 14-24, the San Francisco-based American Bach Soloists are launching an important new venture that might eventually give the Carmel Bach Festival a run for its money. The Bach Festival & Academy will be held at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak St., July 15-23 naturalizer ballet flats uk sale. It will incorporate concert performances, public lectures and discussions and master classes that let the public witness the interaction between faculty and students at the summer Academy, established just last year as a professional training program in historically informed performance. The highlights of this annual Bach-analia will be two performances of his mighty Mass in B minor and one other major operatic work, or oratorio, from the early music canon — Handel’s opera “Ariodante” is the inaugural offering..

In making the announcement, Jeffrey Thomas, music director of the 20-year-old American Bach Soloists, noted with pride that the festival’s location in the Civic Center area puts it in the heart of the high-octane performing-arts district that also includes the San Francisco Ballet, Opera and Symphony naturalizer ballet flats uk sale. Meanwhile, there is no evidence of any slacking off at the thriving Midsummer Mozart Festival, which has impressive vocal, chamber and orchestral material on both of its upcoming programs. Program I opens at 8 p.m. July 14 in San Jose’s California Theatre, with Van Cliburn gold medalist Jon Nakamatsu (who, by the way, just finished judging duties at the sixth annual Van Cliburn International Competition for Outstanding Amateurs in Fort Worth, Texas) playing the Piano Concerto No. 26 in D major, the “Coronation.” Also on the bill: soprano Christina Major singing both the concert aria “Ch’io mi scordi di te” and the goosebump-raising “Ruhe sanft” aria from the unfinished opera “Zaide.”..

The program, which concludes with the Symphony No. 36 in C, the “Linz,” repeats at 8 p.m. July 15 in Berkeley’s First Congregational Church, at 6:30 p.m. on the Gundlach Bundschu Winery grounds in Sonoma and at 3 p.m. July 17 at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. Program II, which puts soloist Mark Brandenburg at center stage for the Clarinet Concerto in A major, opens in San Jose at 8 p.m. July 21. It also features the symphonies No. 20 in D major and No naturalizer ballet flats uk sale. 39 in E flat major and tenor Christopher Bengochea and violinist Robin Hansen performing, from the opera “Idomeneo,” “Venga la morte … Non temer, amato bene” for tenor and violin obligato. Repeat performances are at 8 p.m. July 22 in Berkeley, 6:30 p.m. July 23 in Sonoma and 3 p.m. July 24 in San Francisco..

Tickets for all concerts are $30, $45 and $65 with $20 orchestra seats available for students, teachers and those under 30. Call 415-627-9141 or visit www.midsummermozart.org. The American Bach Soloists Festival kicks off with an opening night gala dinner at Paul K restaurant at Gough and Oak streets, two blocks from the concert venue, at 5:30 p.m. July 15, followed by an 8 p.m. chamber concert that includes the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5. Several events are free to the public naturalizer ballet flats uk sale. Ticketed performances are divided into Masterworks, Chamber and Academy Series, with per-event prices ranging from $8.50 to $50. The big highlights are the performances of the Mass in B minor at 2 p.m. July 17 and the festival-closer at 8 p.m. July 23. The performance of Handel’s “Ariodante” takes place at 7 p.m. July 22..

CITY FETES ITS birth: Oakley will hold a birthday party for itself next month. The 12th annual Oakley Cityhood Celebration will be July 2 at the detention basin on the Freedom High School campus, 1050 Neroly Road. Festivities start at 6 p.m., and admission is free naturalizer ballet flats uk sale. Parking is $5, with proceeds benefiting after-school sports activities. Attendees can buy $5 wristbands allowing them unlimited use of the attractions, although children under 6 will receive a free wristband. The wristbands are on sale at City Hall, 3231 Main St..

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Citrix Systems, named number two in the large business category of Top Work Places, provides employees two paid volunteer days a year, as well as a charitable match program ballet flats for toddlers uk sale. One of the paid volunteer days is encouraged to be used for the Global Day of Impact – a period of time that employees are all encouraged to go out and volunteer at local organizations. In the Silicon Valley, people have volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity. Hitachi Data Systems’ Hitachi Spirit inspires their Community Action Committee (CAC) in Santa Clara which focuses on volunteerism and charitable giving in the local community. Hitachi’s CAC sponsors a toy drive for families helped by the Salvation Army, and encourages employees to spend company time during the holidays helping distributing those gifts. In addition, the CAC coordinates Second Harvest Food Bank collections and partners with the Hitachi Foundation in Washington, D.C., to provide matching funds for direct dollars donated by employees..

Employees donate approximately 500 pounds annually of hotel-sized toiletries to women’s shelters, homeless shelters and developmental centers. For the fourth annual Dog Days of Summer, employees bring their dogs to work, where the company sponsors booths of nonprofit dog-related organizations and a pet photo contest ballet flats for toddlers uk sale. In 2010, a selection of winning photos were collected into a calendar that was sold internally, with all proceeds going to the Humane Society. Hitachi’s Charitable Giving Request process encourages employees to propose a gift to a nonprofit organization with the main criterion being that the employee has a tangible and meaningful connection to the charity – as a volunteer, a board member, etc..

SAP Labs in Palo Alto recently hosted a “Volapalooza” on campus, where 14 community partners participated in a fair organized to showcase volunteer opportunities. More than 50 percent of Palo Alto-based employees participate in SAP-sponsored service activities throughout the year and have contributed 3,917 volunteer hours, according to the company, which was ranked seventh in the Top Work Places survey. Additionally, SAP Labs is a sponsor of local technology-inspired and community building events, including the Tech Challenge at the San Jose Tech Museum, Habitat for Humanity and a Rebuilding Together day. SAP Labs contributed funds to 16 local non-profit organizations in 2010. The company’s “micro volunteering” allows employees to volunteer short amounts of time while on the job and has a “month of service” each October when employees are encouraged to volunteer locally ballet flats for toddlers uk sale.

Quest Diagnostics’ QuestCares program, an employee-sponsored group, allows individuals to participate in outreach programs. For 2011, the national charity is the American Cancer Society ballet flats for toddlers uk sale. Quest ranked eighth in the large workplace category. The “TiVo Cares” program of TiVo Inc. hosts various charity events which are driven by individual employees, departments or by the company. In 2010 “TiVo Cares” supported 17 charities and hosted eight new events, including Aids Walk, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Book Drive, Daffodil Days, EHC Lifebuilders, Family Giving Tree, Haiti Clothing Drive, Haiti Bake Sale, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Project Homeless Connect, Second Harvest Food Bank, Say Thanks to a Veteran, Stanford Blood Drive, Waves to Wine, according to the ninth-ranked large company in this year’s Top Work Places..

Worldpac, named to tenth place, does community service events/fundraisers throughout North America and Puerto Rico. Within the Bay Area Worldpac participates in the Viola Blythe Community Services Center and the American Heart Association. All teammates are encouraged to enroll in a charitable foundation payroll deduction service and in the company’s own charitable foundation, which allows company employees to request a company donation on behalf of their charity or for a fundraising event ballet flats for toddlers uk sale.