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Best, a celebrated theater actress in New York and London, said that she worked on the film for less than a week european ballroom dance shoes uk sale. Ehle, also best known in New York for her stage work (“Coast of Utopia,” “Macbeth”), said she got the call about attending the party a week and a half earlier, just as she’d managed to see the movie herself, and didn’t mind being summoned to schmooze. “The film deserves it,” she said. Meanwhile, around Los Angeles, David Fincher, director of “The Social Network,” was spending what was meant to be his vacation doing Q & A’s with industry groups..

For the awards front-runners, the holiday season didn’t put a damper on Oscar campaigning; it was skip the eggnog, and pass the screener, please. Though “The Social Network,” the dramatization of the founding of Facebook, and “The King’s Speech” are both vying for top spots, the Oscar race has not quite become the two-picture showdown of the last awards season. That’s when “The Hurt Locker” dominated the critics’ awards, and “Avatar” crushed the box office — and inspired heated debate over whether it was a tech-epic paean for our times or a simple-minded, derivative fable (“Dances With Wolves in Space”? “Pocahontas With Blue People”?) european ballroom dance shoes uk sale. “The Social Network” has found favor with nearly all the critics groups, but there is still wiggle room for films like “The Fighter,” which earned a slew of Golden Globe nominations, and for “True Grit,” one of the last additions to the year-end, high-quality cinema pileup..

“True Grit,” the Coen brothers’ remake of the 1969 John Wayne revenge Western, seemed destined to become the dad flick of the holidays, but the movie that might have caused the most chatter over Christmas dinner was “Black Swan.” That ballet thriller from Darren Aronofsky has increased its take steadily at theaters while stirring up artistic controversy: Is it authentic or just high-gloss camp, an auteur’s vision of the perils of creativity or a glammy B-movie? Natalie Portman, who underwent rigorous training to star as a perfectionist ballerina, is still a lead contender for the best-actress Oscar, even if the movie ultimately divides audiences european ballroom dance shoes uk sale.

Of course the tastes of mainstream audiences are not necessarily considered by Academy voters; otherwise a blockbuster like “Toy Story 3” might run away with the top prize. Still, that Pixar coming-of-age animation probably will make the “big list,” as insiders call the 10 best-picture nominees. The speculated favorites for that list have scarcely budged in the past few weeks european ballroom dance shoes uk sale. “Inception,” “127 Hours,” “The Kids Are All Right,” “True Grit” and “Black Swan,” as well as “The King’s Speech,” “The Fighter” and “The Social Network” all turn up, along with a true low-budget wild card like “Winter’s Bone.”..

What’s missing is a populist movie with an unexpectedly strong performance, like “The Blind Side,” which surprised many by earning a best-picture nomination and winning Sandra Bullock an Oscar to boot. It also helped increase the ratings for the Academy Awards telecast. “Look at the numbers of the viewers for the South and the Southwest — they skyrocketed, and that wasn’t ‘Avatar’; that was ‘The Blind Side,’” said one high-ranking Academy member who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for the group european ballroom dance shoes uk sale.

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