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dancewear ballet shoes uk sale – Ballet dancers are a favourite of artists. These worn ballet shoes are typical for a hard working dancer.8×10 oil on linen14x14 Espresso finish frame

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Her tab for the three books? Five dollars. “This is awesome. I come here every week while my daughter takes ballet at the Community Center,” Di Stasi said. “I buy books for myself, my husband, my kids, my kids’ friends and my friends. “There’s always something new and irresistible here,” she added. “The prices are amazing and it’s helping the community. What’s not to love?” dancewear ballet shoes uk sale. Di Stasi was buying her books — real printed books — at the Orinda Friends of the Library used book store. She is hardly the only one. Ironically, in an era where both chain and independent bookstores are closing and electronic readers are zapping what little demand remains for paper-and-binding volumes, local library used bookstores are booming. In addition to the Orinda Friends of the Library bookstore, both Lafayette and Walnut Creek just opened brand new Friends of the Library stores in their recently completed libraries..

Each of the three bookstores earns about a $100,000 a year for their host libraries dancewear ballet shoes uk sale. Considering they sell most books for $1 to $3, and less at their occasional inventory-clearing sales, it would appear area residents are buying hundreds of thousands of books from these cozy anachronistic purveyors of print. A vast and varied selection, plus ultralow prices, are possible because all the books, music CDs and movie DVDs sold at the Friends’ bookstores are donated, mostly by people who know the proceeds go to the library. An all-volunteer staff also keeps overhead low. Each of the three stores boasts a roster of about 100 local volunteers — typically retirees or stay-at-home moms of older kids who no longer want them volunteering in their classrooms..

Orinda bookstore sorter Pam Pulley relishes the thrill of discovering what treasures lurk in every new bag and box of donations she gets to open. “It’s like Christmas,” she said dancewear ballet shoes uk sale. “I just love it.”. Love and money both make the local bookstores success stories. Love of books, bargains and surprise discoveries keep customers and volunteers loyal, and the money helps stanch the financial wounds of sharply diminished library dollars from the state and county coffers. In an era of ever-bigger budget cuts for local libraries, the libraries increasingly depend on money provided by the Friends’ bookstores to pay for new library materials and library programs..

Walnut Creek Friends of the Library board member Bob Brittain recently stated in a newsletter, “The Friends are a major source of new materials for the new downtown library in Walnut Creek. The county’s budget for library collection development may be reduced by 28 percent in the next fiscal year, meaning a cumulative 56 percent reduction in the last three years dancewear ballet shoes uk sale. Our Friends of the Library help fill the gap.”. As their local libraries’ financial pictures darken, Friends of the Library bookstores are upping their game with online sales. Literally turning trash to treasure, sorters now trawl through the piles of donated books to cull those that are antique, rare or otherwise valuable to sell through popular Internet sites. Orinda’s shop prefers Amazon; Lafayette volunteers use eBay and Walnut Creek’s Friends sell through a site called Alibris that caters to book collectors..

In the bookstore donation room at Walnut Creek, manager Deb Wainscott carefully lifts the delicate vellum pages covering the engraved illustrations of a copy of Longfellow’s epic Louisiana poem “Evangeline.” The flyleaf lists its publication date as 1893 dancewear ballet shoes uk sale. “It has a bit of wear on it so I am going to list it for $23,” she said. “We have a five-star rating on Alibris so people are saying we’re doing the right thing and they like what they’re buying from us.”..

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