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Willrich, who owns a Method studio on Oakland’s Piedmont Avenue and on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, tried several different classes including yoga, dance and Pilates before she became hooked on The Dailey Method. “The Dailey Method challenged me on a level that other classes hadn’t,” she says. “It gave me results like nothing else.”. It was a long-distance love affair. The Oakland resident had to drive to Marin to take classes, but she says the travel was worth it. Her body grew tighter, her muscles stronger and her energy spiked. She became the first former student to bring the classes to the East Bay about five years ago. Other studios have popped up since best swing dance shoes uk sale.

The Dailey Method is a combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning, stretching and orthopedic exercises. Developed by Marin personal trainer Jill Dailey McIntosh after she studied the Lotte Berk fitness method, the one-hour classes claim to strengthen, tone and lengthen the body. After muscles are worked through repetition, they are then stretched. Willrich likes to joke that students are three inches taller after class best swing dance shoes uk sale. We started the morning session with a small amount of cardio, though this isn’t a cardio-focused class. Willrich led us into an in-place march to get our heart rates up before we got into the meat of The Dailey Method..

Over the next hour, we sat on the soft floor and engaged our abdominal muscles in tight crunches. We eventually stood up, weights in hand, and did a series of arm exercises to work the biceps and triceps. Like some of the other students in the class, I had to drop my one-pound weights for a portion of the exercises. I hate to admit it, but even that tiny mass felt too heavy for me to move after a while best swing dance shoes uk sale. The music Willrich plays is upbeat. I notice that not only are most of the 15 or so people in the class women, but they are mostly thin and have lovely, toned bodies. Is this a coincidence?..

“The method is designed to be appropriate for all levels of fitness and all shapes and sizes,” Willrich assures me. “Men and women of all ages are welcome. I have a student as young as 14 and women in their 70s.”. Willrich corrects my form during class — many times. She says she feels as if she’s failed her students if she doesn’t come up to them and show them proper form at least three times. If you don’t want to be touched, she says, she’ll just show you how to move using her own body best swing dance shoes uk sale.

After the arm work, we move as a group to the barre, a stationary, horizontal bar against the wall like those used in ballet studios. We stretch our legs on the barre and perform more exercises there, this time engaging the quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings. I struggle to lift my leg an inch, time after time, and it feels like every single muscle is moaning with exhaustion. Willrich hands us a small green ball which we put between our legs for more leg and abdominal work. Finally, we hit the floor again for some last glute moves best swing dance shoes uk sale. Some yoga poses, like happy baby and child’s pose, trickle in here and there..

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