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Beginning in March, Mary and Stephanie taught a two-hour dance class for the dads on Saturday mornings. They started us out with something called the “step-ball-change.” It’s a step any 3-year-old in pink tights and a tutu can master in about a minute. But for us dads, it was a stupefyingly complex move that involved taking a step forward with one foot, rocking back, and then stepping forward with the other foot. While counting. While looking relaxed and natural. While not tripping. Mary and Stephanie were very patient and encouraging best mens ballet shoes uk sale. They kept saying we looked wonderful and were doing so well. Clearly, they spend a lot of time with 3-year-olds in pink tights and tutus..

Over the next two months, they taught us the box step, the star step and the traveling waltz step best mens ballet shoes uk sale. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say that Mary and Stephanie got very good at suppressing their laughter during our classes. For obvious safety reasons, they didn’t let our daughters come near us for the first two months. When they finally did, it took the girls roughly 10 minutes to lose all respect for their dads’ dancing abilities. Saturday morning dance rehearsals after that included a lot of eye-rolling and snickering..

Based on a careful assessment of our abilities, Stephanie ended up choreographing a waltz-ish dance for the recital where the daughters did a lot of impressive twirling and the dads basically shuffled along with them from one position to the next. After two more months of rehearsals, we were cleared to perform. The recital went well. The daughters were resplendent in their floor-length Southern belle hoop skirts. The dads were starched and unnatural in their vested Southern-style tuxedos best mens ballet shoes uk sale. As far as I know, none of the dads fell, cried or soiled their tuxedos in any of the three performances. In fact, some said we were the hit of the recital, but I think they were just being nice. No way were we as entertaining as the little boy with his arm in a cast, hamming it up in the Hawaiian dance..

As for me, I messed up only once, and Emily quickly stiff-armed me back into position before I had a chance to embarrass her. She didn’t even lose her stage smile doing it. I had no idea she was so strong and dispassionate. Also, I stepped on her skirt a couple of times, but in my defense, trying to negotiate a floor-length hoop skirt is a bit like dancing with a gyrating cooling tower. Anyway, it’s over now best mens ballet shoes uk sale. At the risk of Emily’s friends plastering her Facebook wall with a bunch of snarky postings, I will say that watching Emily develop into an accomplished, graceful dancer and a lovely young lady has been one of my most rewarding experiences as a parent. I was honored and thrilled to dance with her in the recital..

Who inspired you to pursue a career in the arts?. My mother is an actress, and my father is a director of plays and musicals. My sisters and I spent our weeknights and weekends at the theatre waiting backstage or helping out our parents, so I basically grew up in the theatre. When I was three years old, I began ballet, and at 13 years old, I started attending Young REP Theatre Workshop, which is a six-week summer training program offered through the Center REPertory Theatre best mens ballet shoes uk sale. I was student for six years, and the program changed my life. It instilled within me the confidence that I could pursue a career in the arts even though I knew it would be hard. From a young age, I started collecting the tools for my toolbox, if you will, and it’s lead me to where I am today..

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