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Yet the conductor’s reading made the score sound fresh, the way a great performance can make you feel you’re hearing a familiar work for the very first time. Led by trumpeter Mark Inouye, the fanfare gleamed with intensity; in each episode that followed, Salonen highlighted Strauss’s atmospheric shifts from turbulence to delicate lyricism ballet pointe shoe pictures uk sale. Concertmaster Alexander Barantschik, playing with old world charm, imparted warmth and beauty to the score’s sumptuous waltz music. Still, the main event was “Four Legends from the Kalevala.” Returning to the 1896 Sibelius score — a Salonen favorite — the conductor closed out the evening with a thrilling traversal. Its four movements, which follow the adventures of the Lemminkainen — a kind of Finnish Casanova with an eye for the ladies — vacillate between sensuous beauty and brawny, often rough-hewn textures. Performed in succession, they take the listener on a fantastic trip, one that showcases the orchestra in each characterful episode..

Salonen and the ensemble elicited every colorful contrast, beginning with the vividly seductive first movement, “Lemminkainen and the Maidens of the Island.” The conductor’s keen attention to dynamics yielded beautiful results in “Lemminkainen in Tuonela,” with Peter Wyrick delivering the movement’s lovely cello part. The third movement, “The Swan of Tuonela,” was especially fine, with English hornist Russ deLuna giving a shapely, captivating performance of the Swan’s solo music. Salonen took the ebullient finale,” Lemminkainen’s Return,” at an exhilarating, go-for-broke pace ballet pointe shoe pictures uk sale.

Now playing at Livermore’s Bankhead Theater in a Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre production, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” is unusual among musicals based on Disney films in how much the marketing tends to downplay the Disney connection. It’s not just because the 1996 movie isn’t one of the company’s better regarded animated features but also because the stage version attempts to restore some of the grim tragedy of the original 1831 novel by Victor Hugo while keeping the songs and much of the simplified plot of the movie ballet pointe shoe pictures uk sale.

The movie is unusually dark for Disney in the first place, with its odd choice of source material, though it managed to finagle a G rating with an unlikely happy ending and some goofy talking gargoyles ballet pointe shoe pictures uk sale. The musical’s book by playwright Peter Parnell — which attempts to find some middle ground between Hugo’s gloomy vision and the sunny Disney version — is strictly PG-13, less because of anything risqué (though part of the plot hinges on attempted sexual coercion) than because of its parade of unrelenting misery..

When his decadent brother Jehan dies of the pox, Claude Frollo, the puritanical and draconian archdeacon of the famous cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, raises the deformed baby that Jehan had with a Romani woman, giving him the cruel name Quasimodo (half-formed) and keeping him in the bell tower ballet pointe shoe pictures uk sale. Quasimodo is deprived of human contact except for Frollo’s stern instruction. When a Romani dancer named Esmeralda dances in the street outside the tower as part of the Feast of Fools, she quickly becomes the belle of the cathedral. Quasimodo and the libertine captain of the guard Phoebus are both smitten with her. So is Frollo, despite his piety and his hatred of the Roma (called by the common pejorative term Gypsies throughout the show), and his obsession soon turns deadly..

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