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While many Disneyland visitors are accustomed to watching nightly fireworks shows in front of the castle, the Small World plaza will be the better place to enjoy the projection-only version of Mickey’s Mix Magic. The graphics are crisper, clearer and more colorful on the Small World facade. The story is easier to follow and appreciate. And the sweeping and wide Small World facade provides a more dramatic canvas for the visuals to play out. The Mickey’s Mix Magic preview show we saw on Main Street USA included fireworks amazon ballet shoes uk sale. It was difficult to focus on the animated projections on the Victorian-style buildings with bombastic fireworks exploding over the castle..

I focused my attention on the two-story Victorian-style Carnation Cafe in the middle of the entrance promenade. The visuals seemed faded and muted. The familiar Disney characters were difficult to make out. The musical soundtrack competed with the continuous bombs bursting in air. Main Street USA didn’t seem as dark as the Small World plaza during the twin preview shows. The audio sounded better in front of Small World. Disney technicians may eventually adjust the brightness and audio over time. Or the light and sound may just be inherently different in the two locations amazon ballet shoes uk sale. We will have to wait and see as the show evolves over the first few weeks..

I’m looking forward to seeing how the Main Street USA show looks without fireworks amazon ballet shoes uk sale. There’s no denying Main Street USA will always be the best place to watch fireworks — regardless of the show or Disney’s desire to spread out the crowds to other corners of the park. The Main Street location also boasts two special effects that were absent at Small World during the media preview: Lasers and snow. The alien green lasers emanating from the castle seemed otherworldly as they hit the soapy snowflakes. It looked like a scene out of a sci-fi movie as the robotic sentinels scan the falling ashes for signs of life after a cataclysmic explosion..

The new show will be complicated by the upcoming downtime for the Fantasmic and the water screens on the Rivers of America that normally serve as a secondary stage for the projection mapping imagery employed during nighttime spectaculars. Fantasmic’s seasonal rehabilitation runs from Jan. 21 until March amazon ballet shoes uk sale. Visitors will have two new fresh perspectives to watch Mickey’s Mix Magic once work is done on Fantasmic and Sleeping Beauty Castle, Davison said. “It’s different throughout the park,” Davison said. “You have this Main Street experience. You have a castle experience. You have a Small World experience. And when Fantasmic comes up, you’ll have a whole Fantasmic experience out there. It’s going to rock.”..

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